Sunday, 7 April 2013

Penguin Design Award Entry

I gave you a sneak peek of this cover a while ago, but now that I've finally submitted it for the Penguin Design Award 2013 (Puffin Children's Prize) I can now show you the whole design! :)

I'm still unsure of the fonts used (and my attempt at the title's typography!) as typography is not one of my strengths. As demonstrated in this design - I do attempt typography occasionally and in some cases it works, in others not so much! I also used pretty basic fonts for the blurb etc. that were provided on Photoshop, rather than download any 'free-to-use' ones which I sometimes do.

Overall though, I'm quite pleased with the final image, having never really attempted illustrating anything anthropomorphic before. As my dream is to illustrate children's books (and see my pattern designs in Paperchase!) creating characters like this is good practise and I want to develop this more in the future :) 

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