Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Animated Book Trailer

Alongside my graphic novel, I also created this short animated book trailer to 'promote' it.

Normally book trailers are a lot longer, but having only tried this animation technique once before, I thought it might be best to make it short and sweet, but still introduce all the characters and general 'gist' of the overall story.

To see a larger, higher quality video, please click this Vimeo link:

I'm so excited to have tried animation again!
I used Motion 5 to animate, as this was an easy way to move the layers in my Photoshop illustrations and still retain the style of my 2D work :) 

The mention of Nobrow and iTunes at the end are fictional, as this was just part of my uni project, showing my book in context.


Special thanks to my sister who made various 'slurping' sounds for me to record for the monster licking his lips! The cricket sounds were obtained from iMovie

Really hope to animate like this again in the future, it's lovely to see my characters come to life!