Monday, 6 May 2013

Decorative 'Animal Pun' Card Designs

For my last uni project I designed a small range of  cards based on 'Animal Puns' / play-on word that began with my 'I love you deerly' Valentine's card* (* see earlier blog post).

Here are the finished results!

Rather than make a design that was 'cheesy' I thought I'd bring in my love of pattern design and make funny animal pun cards that were decorative and pretty as well :)

My typography skills aren't that amazing, but I tried to jazz it up with some carefully incorporated spots of pattern here and there to add a bit more to the lettering (which no matter how hard I try always seems to turn out looking like my own normal hand-writing!) But oh well...

Hope you like them! Feel free to comment my work y'all!
(3500 blog views and only one comment so far from my dad!)...*sniff*

A few wee close-ups of the patterned elements


  1. They're super cute, especially love the deer one :)

  2. Thank you! I think that one's my fave too :)

  3. Love these Emily!
    Nothing wrong with a cheesy pun - that's pretty much all I ever do! Ha ha!