Saturday, 8 June 2013

Degree Show Pictures!

Last night was the private view of my degree show!
Here are some pictures of how my space ended up looking:

To 'set the scene' for my work and add to the overall theme, I brought in some tree stumps, pinecones and a nice twisty piece of wood to use as a book stand to arrange in my space.
I also made a giant dreamcatcher to hang my business cards from and left a comment book for people to leave comments, doodles or product reservations.

I displayed cushions, jewellery, badge sets and hand bound books - all which will soon be for sale online :D

Hope you like my display! The show is open 10am-5pm every day until the 16th June, please come along of you're in the area!

My animated book trailer was playing throughout the night as part of our animation showreel.
I kept missing it being played but managed to get a quick shot near the end of the show! :)

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