Saturday, 20 July 2013

Graduation! 19/07/13

I am officially a graduate! No longer in the student-graduate limbo, I have the official certificate now and everything! :D 
It was a wonderful day, but so hot in those gowns it was verging on unbearable! I couldn't stay in one spot for long outside, and we were all melting when it came to sitting for an hour and a half for the ceremony! 

A bit squinty in the Sun!

Image courtesy of Zoe Kelland (a fellow coursemate and LUFALO member!)
The Vis Com: Illustration Class '13 :') 
I'm going to miss each and every lovely talented one of them, but will definitely be keeping in touch.. 
(After all, half of us have formed a collective together - so there's no escape!) ;)

Congratulations to everyone who has graduated from university recently or will later this Summer, wishing you all the best for the future. I know you'll go far and achieve your dreams ^_^ 
Woohoo! We made it!

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