Friday, 4 October 2013

Sneak Peek: Card Designs

Here's are some snippets of cards I've been designing during my first 3 weeks as a Junior Designer at a charity greetings card company.

These designs are all very different (especially compared to my usual digital-collage style) and I'm trying to be experimental with media and artwork style, which hopefully shows! 
A lot of the designs still involve a lot of Emily-esque texture and pattern in some form - that's something I just can't give up!

As is my usual way of working, ideas always start out in the sketchbook
before creating the final artwork:

© Emily Rose Lambert 2013

I'm really enjoying my new job, it's already allowing me to be experimental and a bit less 'precious' about what I create, and I'm definitely learning how to create artwork a lot quicker and more efficiently!

Hope you like my designs so far! I'll be blogging a bit less regularly now but will keep you up to date with anything creative I get up to.

Thanks for viewing!

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