Sunday, 29 June 2014

Screen prints and other projects

Feather Screen Prints:

The LUFALO Collective that I'm a member of have a stall at the London Illustration Fair next weekend and some of my limited edition screen prints and digital illustration prints will be on display! You can take one home with you too if you'd like :)

I tried screen printing again a while ago with a patterned feather I designed, but only a handful (six to be precise) turned out perfect. This was only my second attempt at screen printing (my first can be seen here) so I wasn't expecting the results to be amazing, but I did get the hang of the technique a bit more thankfully, which was the primary aim of the experience! Although I had a colour layer prepared for the black feather to be printed on, my image had sadly disintegrated on the screen by the time I came to print the feather on top. They looked a bit plain all being black and white though, so I spent a few maticulous hours hand-colouring each one with ink.

Here are a couple hand-coloured ones ready to sign:

These screen prints are Limited 1st Edition, of 6 

Other Stuff

At work we are designing cards for RSPB (Christmas 2015), meaning that at last I get to draw some wildlife! It's been a nice break from designing very traditional religious Christmas cards and for this customer we are given the freedom to experiment with different media a bit more before the chaotic Christmas rush comes around again in September.

For these prints I used polystyrene pizza bases (I had a tonne of them stashed away - which sadly shows how much pizza I eat, oops!) which is a quick, re-useable and easy way to print in a lino-cut style without any sliced fingers or getting covered in shavings (always annoying).
Just use a biro/ball-point pen to press and draw into the foam and there you have it! Printing ink works best in capturing all the details, but for these critters I wanted more texture so used a watery acrylic.

The hedgehog came out the best. I like the fuzzy/furry texture the acrylic gave the print

 Mono-printing is my FAVE. It's quick, easy and can produce some unpredictable but fortuitous  results! I created several layers for this Otter (fur details, background texture, foliage for foreground etc.) and collaged them on Photoshop to create the final outcome...

Which is this:
I think this is probably my most successful mono-print/digital collage to date.
I like that you can see my drawing ability and it's not disguised by being too overly-digital. But it still looks like me, my style,  just a bit more 'old-school' Emily Rose than usual ;)

Quite a few more bits and bobs to post eventually, but I'll try and spread them out so I'm not spamming everyone on Twitter too much. 

Thanks for scrolling through!


  1. The prints look amazing! I really like the way you draw; it’s very raw and amusing. And the fact that it’s not all digital makes it even more amazing! Anyway, thank you for sharing your creative talents with us. Good luck with your future endeavors!

    Roberta Scott @ SpectrumInformation

    1. Thank you Roberta, that's lovely of you to say, much appreciated!