Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tumblr, Narwhals and Illos in Progress

I've got a few things on the go at the moment: some short comics, a BIG comic/graphic novel, some random illustrations just for fun and of course needle felting more cute critters in-between! 

I've also tweaked my website a bit, including adding a page especially for my first (and only so far!) animation. Hopefully more videos will appear on there in the future. Animating in this style is something I really want to master one day (along with a bazillion other things!) and I'm hoping to get round to just experimenting with a few short animations of my drawings to practise.

I also gave my Tumblr a bit of a makeover. I felt like it needed a bit of a banner to tie in with all my other accounts and I decided to change it's name from 'Emily Draws' to 'DooferTree Doodles' too. 
My twitter name is also @DooferTree and although it has meaning to me, no one else will have a clue what the relevance is and why it's the only name I use that's different, but unfortunately it's a bit too late to change it now!

At least naming my Tumblr this means that there's at least one other connection to my Twitter name so it isn't as random:

I finished a needle felted Narwhal the other day and got the most favourites for it on Twitter than I've ever got on any other post! (This is a big deal for me ;) )
It was hard to keep his horn twisted with him being so small and fiddly, but pleased that I managed to achieve the spiral effect I wanted:

Feeling the Twitterverse's love for Narwhals:

I've been working on this illustration for a few days. It started as just an experiment layering some of the mono prints of foliage I made with a workshop with Sara Ogilvie. But then it just kept evolving into a slightly surreal creature/folktaley sort of scene. 
I reeeeeally tried to stay clear of using turquoise again too, but it just filtered in and so did the pink and now I can't get rid of it…*sigh*… I think the colours suit the subject of the image, but I set off with the intention of trying out a crazier colour scheme. 
I've learnt using this style though just to roll with it. Working digitally means there's a lot of scope to let things evolve as you go along, change things around and of course; infinite layering possibilities! There's definitely a lot of layering in this one, and more printed elements than I usually use.

Keep a look out for the final outcome in the next week or so!

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