Monday, 2 March 2015

Space Wyrm

I made this illustration for an American zine submission themed on 'Alien'.
I'm not sure if it's been successful in getting into the zine yet (fingers crossed!) but it gave me a chance to try out my typical sort of style again, as recently I've been experimenting with variations on how I work and using more traditional media.

I used some new mono print patterns and textures I made recently to add a bit more detail to the 'wyrm'

Rough sketch of the image that came into my head for the Alien themed illo
The creature is partly inspired by an eel I saw at the Blue Reef Aquarium on a visit to Tynemouth. Although a bit of a shy exhibit, it was one of my favourite creatures at the Aquarium because of it's unusual scale colour being that eerie glory purple.

The image is of course also a play on the idea of 'worm holes' and the relationship between space and the unexplored expanses of deep sea where bizarre 'alien-like' creatures are still being discovered.

It was fun designing this illo in my digital, texture style. It was one of those images you have in your head and want to get down onto paper straight away and I think the outcome ended up pretty close to what I was imagining, which is always a good thing!

Hope you like! Comments welcome :)

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