Friday, 5 June 2015


I've been working on several comic projects recently and thought I'd share what I've been up to..

'Food Chain':

The Paper Jam Comics Collective's 'Food...and that' anthology was launched a few months ago which featured my 'Food Chain' comic.
I was soooo excited for this, as it was my first comic to be printed!

'Bottled Up':

I recently found out my four page comic 'Bottled Up' is going to be printed in anthology of stories, poems and illustrations themed on journeys. More updates on this to come!

A two page comic I made for the Dirty Rotten Comics #4 anthology.
I kept notes of some of my weirder dreams and compiled them together.. I wanted the comic to flow as a story but keep the disconnected feel of the separate dreams. This is my first venture into something more surreal.

Since creating my 'Food Chain' comic (above) I had a boost of confidence in using ink and pencil for my comics rather than purely digital artwork. That didn't stop me starting to digitally draw my next comic out on Photoshop though! But I decided although I liked the gray-scale layering, it didn't quite have the look I wanted, so I tentatively returned to ink and pencil again which in the end had a nicer result.

I drew the rough layout for the comic digitally. Although my ideas and layouts for comics always start in my sketchbook, sometimes I like to take them into Photoshop which allows for moving things round, erasing and re-sizing bits.

This was my initial attempt at the comic, digitally drawn on Photoshop:

Then I decided to start again with a good ol' ink pen!
Here's the rough (top) in comparison with the final artwork:

My copy of the printed anthology:

 Works in progress:
I'm currently working on some more comics for different anthologies and for my own personal enjoyment!

Comics drawn on my trip to Budapest in April, soon to be a book!
One of several short comics in progress I'm compiling into a book

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