Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Maker

This 3 page comic was my contribution for Beginnings- a book of 5 short comics that my sisters and I put together for our debut as a new collective at BCZF and Shake Bristol.
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I somehow managed to finish this comic in-between making 2 of my own individual books (Dreamscape and Four Days in Budapest) for the same deadline, all within the same manic couple of months.

As well as being a generally slow, meticulous worker, having a full time creative job also slows the process of my personal projects down A LOT, as I come home so creatively drained sometimes!
I love my job, but it's often hard to keep up the motivation to draw and do more illustration for myself when I've been doing it all day already and just want to come home and relax (that's when weaving, needle felting and TV box sets come into my life!)
I'm so happy I managed to finish the comics I aimed to complete before BCZF as well as contributing to our collective book. Kudos to Karis and Freya who managed 2 comics each!

I'm still not sure about this comic. I based the god-like character on a strange costume I saw in Budapest at the Ethnographic Museum. It looked kind of monstery yet anthropomorphic which I liked, and I decided to adapt the costume as a character for this comic, but I'm not sure if it's appearance really suits this story. At the same time, I didn't want the 'god' to design it's creations in it's own image.

This comic unintentionally became slightly surreal and cosmic like Dreamscape (with similar star signs floating round everywhere), but I experimented with dry brushing ink over my drawing for the first time for this one. I later used this technique to add a bit of depth to the front cover of Dreamscape, so it makes the two comics feed into and mirror each other in a way.
Although I like the overall look and tone of this story, it is quite tightly packed, and with perhaps 1 more page I could have paced it a bit more evenly and made the ending a little less abrupt.

I'm still very much in the early stages of developing my narrative style and finding the best techniques and mediums to work with for my comics. This ink style is very different to how I'd design something in my digital-collage textured style, but it's more time efficient and adds more depth and movement to things which has encouraged me to keep developing this technique for future work.

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