Friday, 20 May 2016


Yet again I have not been updating my blog for ages! So here's a long overdue post...

From Spring time last year (when we started the search) to February this year, my partner and I have been in the process of buying our first home together. And it's been a l-o-n-g and stressful process, with lots of things seeming to go wrong, falling through and just not happening along the way! I'm pleased to say we are now settled into our first house, now nearly fully furnished and decorated, but still with a lot of sorting and organising to do!

Unfortunately getting all the house stuff sorted and the general stress and worry of the move put a bit of a block on my creative flow, although I managed to complete a comic commission a few weeks ago (more to come on that soon) which was a nice project to ease back into comics after a long break!

This blog used to be a more frequent outlet for updates on my projects, self-criticism/analysis of my work and sometimes mini-reviews of comic events I've been to. But recently I realised that I'd pretty much dropped off the social media universe, and both my blog, twitter and website are starting to gather a few cobwebs!  So in the next few months I'm hoping to update stuff and re-vamp a few things - including my almost empty Easy and Big Cartel stores, so keep an eye out for new things appearing... eventually!

So, some comic updates!


At the beginning of this year I got a lovely surprise email from Andy Oliver ( saying that he'd included me as one of 'six small press creators to watch in 2016' on Broken Frontier. This will probably include some interviews / features later this year with what I've been up to small press-wise, so I'm really keen to start some new work (if only so I have something to talk about in any interviews!) and it's given me a well needed boost in confidence over my work.
I am already a fan of the other people on the list and was really surprised that I was among them, having only self published 2 of my own comics, but I'm really excited to be on the site as 'one to watch' and get my work out there a bit more - especially as I've been quite quiet on the social media front recently!

Six Small Press Creators to Watch in 2016

My section on the post!


Myself and my sisters have started planning for our next collaborative Big Brown Eyes zine.
Our last zine 'Beginnings' ended up being more of a mini anthology of comics than the illustrative zine we planned initially, but we were pleased with the outcome and the positive reception it got.

For our next zine we definitely want to combine comics with illustrative spreads to appeal to people who might prefer looking at pretty pictures as well as comics :) 
Our working title for it is Myths and Monsters, so it's themed on all things monstrous and beastly which is a theme that we hope should suit all our styles, as we all share an interest in that sort of thing. I'd like to try a coloured comic for this zine, perhaps in my digital style, as my one for Beginnings was in black and white ink. 

We are excited to announce that we have a table at the Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival in November and this is where we will be releasing our new zine and some new individual comics too. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Tumblr for sneak peeks at what we're creating between now and then! 

A preview of what is going to be featured in our next zine, by Karis

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