Monday 22 July 2013

Global Talent Search competition entry

I recently entered the Lilla Rodger's Global Talent Search competition, and can now reveal the outcome to you!

At each stage of the competition (depending if we get through each stage or not!) we are given a different project brief. Round 1 was to design a journal cover for Paperchase based on the theme 'Playground'.

Naturally I envisaged animals frolicking around on various playground items when I read this brief, hence this colourful outcome with frolicking animals galore!

This was how the design started off : as a little scruffy drawing in my sketchbook :)

For my final journal cover I decided to incorporate a little swinging fox bookmark ^_^

Hope you like my entry :)
Unfortunately I didn't get shortlisted but hope to use this image as my own handmade journal cover anyway :) Good luck to all those who have entered! 


  1. Yes! Like your entry! So cute :-) Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I didn't get shortlisted in the end but never mind :)

  2. I love the hedgehogs making a mockery of the snake!