Thursday, 4 July 2013

D&AD New Blood Exhibition

Yesterday I went to the D&AD New Blood exhibition in London where my work had been chosen to be displayed on the Loughborough University stand! As well as my graphic novel, my handmade products were on display (and for sale!) and my animation was playing on the showreel too!

Everyone's work looked awesome and a lot of people from Loughborough have had interest from industry which is exciting!

Here are some photos of the day and how my work looked amongst the space:

The Loughborough University stand!
Our huge glass-topped table with lots of books and final outcomes
displayed under the glass for visitors to fish out and look at

Cabinets showcasing products, models, books and packaging
from Graphic Design and Illustration

My own little cabinet space!
With pendants and badge sets for sale and my cushions,
hand-bound books, cards and bookmarks on display :)

My animation was chosen for the showreel!
Here it is playing in the Loughborough space

My graphic novel on display

Me looking exhausted (very early morning getting to London!) but happy,
holding my pride and joy 'Mashkussuts' my FMP graphic novel

Everyone's portfolio's are on display for visitors to take out and look through to
see more examples of work, and maybe pick out a CV or two!
This is what is in-store for anyone who opens my folder:
CVs,  a ring-bound 'mini portfolio', portfolio discs, prints, cards,
bookmarks and business cards!

Twitter Annual!
Following on from a previous post, I got to see a printed version of the 'Twitter Annual'
where two of my character designs (a cat and a crocodile) were featured! 

After watching over our stand for a few hours, I went and had a look round the other amazing talent on display. I immediately recognised Emily Fox's and Becky Down's lovely picture-book work at the Falmouth stand from following them on Twitter:

Lots of lovely books to look through!

Overall it was a great (and exhausting!) day. 
I saw lots of lovely work, chatted to some 'industry' people and yes, did again leave with a few sneaky business cards to add to my collection ;)

Hopefully something will come of my work being on display here, it would be amazing if someone from a publishing company or agency were interested in my work!
Wishing all the best to others who have been exhibited too, fingers crossed we get the commission/placement/interest we are hoping to achieve one day!


  1. Looks like you put amazing effort into showcasing your work. Well done, looks great!

    1. Thanks Carla!
      Hehe yes, I'm trying my best to get my work out there more. It was exciting to have my work chosen to be exhibited at New Blood and hopefully my efforts will be worthwhile one day if I get a commission/ placement or something! *fingers crossed* :)