Thursday, 11 July 2013

What is LUFALO?

This is my illustration for the first project of the LUFALO collective I am a member of.
I wanted it to characterise and 'sum up' what I'm all about as an illustrator - meaning: lots of detail and texture, use of a limited colour palette, natural landscape, characters and creatures ... and an abundance of my favourite colour, turquoise:

I've had these characters in mind for quite a while and they were actually part of my initial idea for a graphic novel before deciding on an existing folk-tale to use for my FMP project (see previous posts).

It was a fun illustration to design for the LUFALO Collective, and I again drew influence from Native American legends and spirit-beings. Using inspiration like this is really improving my character designing skills, and I hope to continue developing this aspect of my work so I can more successfully apply it to things like narrative illustration and children's picture books!

The plot for this graphic novel is in its final tweaking stage and it will hopefully become a fun personal project to work on whilst on the big job hunt.

See other interpretations of our 'What is LUFALO?' project on

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