Sunday, 16 March 2014

Blog Makeover

I've been thinking for a while that my blog could do with a bit of a 'makeover', so after having a bit of free time this weekend I finally made a new banner design for it. 

My previous banner and link image designs weren't very consistent with the look of my website, but hopefully now everything ties in together.

Original image for my website homepage
Previous blog banner
Previous images for links
I pieced together bits and bobs from my graphic novel 'Mashkussuts' to create the image below, which I think represents my current style and personal work pretty well, and gives a bit more of an insight into my illustrations for any visitors to my blog before they scroll down to see more. 
Seen as I've been posting a lot more photos than artwork recently, I thought showing a bit more of my illustration style at the beginning of my blog would be a good idea.

I kept my website in it's simple, clean style, just adding my new image to the home page and changing the colour of the text to a darker purply colour. Although I preferred the turquoise, it was perhaps a bit too pale for the menu bar and on brighter screens wasn't as visible.

I'll probably be changing my mind again and making entirely new imagery to use on my blog and website at some point in the future no doubt! Hope you like this for the moment though.

In other news: over 11,000 views on my blog! Thank you to everyone who has had a scroll through :) 

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