Sunday, 6 April 2014

Workshop with Sara Ogilvie

Last week, Sara Ogilvie (illustrator of 'Dogs Don't Do Ballet') visited Paper Dove and lead a mono-print workshop with the designers, as well as giving a presentation on what inspires her work and how she has adapted her creative process for a variety of clients.

She brought an array of lovely sketchbooks and dummy books to show us and it was great to see how she began a project with lots of notes, doodles and quickly drawn ideas.

It was inspiring to see how these early scribbles and ideas had developed into the beautiful final outcomes of her picture books and illustrated Folio Society publication of the Wizard of Oz.

Sara demonstrated the layered, textured effects that can be created with mono-printing and screen printing by using stencils and different mark making tools. 
She also brought a collection of vintage toys along to inspire our own printed characters.

Some of my mono print experiments:

Although a lot of the textures I use in my work are made by mono-printing, I haven't experimented with it for a while and it was lovely to try my hand at it again creating full images rather than just textures.

Creative messiness!

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