Saturday, 1 March 2014

Frozen Fan Art

It's been a while since I created any 'fan art' for fun, but after seeing Disney's Frozen I couldn't resist! 

When I first started becoming interested in digital art, before I even had a drawing tablet, I drew quite a few digital fan art illustrations and posted them on my long forgotten deviantART account.
My style has definitely improved a lot since those days and I had fun incorporating my own textured style to the lovely snow queen Elsa from the film. 

It could still use some work on her expression (would love to be able to capture that smug little look she has!) and the snowflakes could look a bit more organic, but as it was just for fun I'm refraining from being too much of a perfectionist with it
...for now

The font I used is called 'Brain Flower' and is free for personal use

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