Friday, 25 April 2014

Pick Me Up Festival 2014

Yesterday I visited London for a pre-Birthday day out and went to the first day of the Pick Me Up Festival at Somerset House. It was awesome! 

I went to last years event with my sister, we loved it but we weren't really aware then what it was all about so just drifted through, didn't really participate in any of the activities and sadly didn't leave with any purchases. This time I was determined to make the most of it, and spent a good few hours wandering round, talking to people, collecting freebies (obviously the best bit!) and taking part in some of the drawing and print activities that were going on.

In the Handsome Frank space we got a free cup of coffee that had been painstakingly painted on by illustrator Emily Robertson. We carried the cups round all day to save them for pencil pots as they're just too lovely to throw away:

Lynnie Zulu

Work by Billy

One of the highlights of (and main reasons to visit!) the festival was that Isabel Greenberg had an exhibition space. Being a big fan of her work it was great to finally see it in the flesh! 
Sadly her prints were priced a bit over my budget for the day, but I stumbled upon her Snow Queen comic in the Somerset House book shop that I'd been eyeing online for a while, so obviously I had to leave with a copy!

Isabel's Snow Queen comic:


  I love Julia Pott's work too, especially her creepy-cute animations that are definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen them. She had a lovely wall of prints (some for sale!) and animation showreels displayed on screens:

Getting stuck into some collage...

My spoils of the day:

I also bought a pack of beautiful hand-printed notebooks made by Catherine McGinniss.
I love the little creatures on them ^_^

Another wonderful, inspiring day!

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