Sunday, 4 May 2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day 2014!
It couldn't have arrived at a better time really, as I've started working on some of my own comics and it was an awesome boost of inspiration.

I got up super early to make it to Travelling Man (my favourite shop in Newcastle!) before opening time. As expected, there was a massive queue outside, but there were still plenty of copies of every comic to choose from when I eventually got through the doors. I tried to grab one of each (why not?!) so I probably left with 30+ comics altogether.Woo!

The haul of the day:
My favourite is the little hardback 'Mouse Guard' book

I wasn't sure who this was (a comic artist or someone who works in the shop?) but he was drawing some pretty cool designs on the windows:

As well as the free comic event, there was also a little comic and zine fair downstairs in Travelling Man which I was keen to visit to get some inspiration for my own work.

The zine fair

To my surprise and delight, fellow Yorkshire girl Kristyna Baczynski had a stall where she was selling her prints, zines, postcards and jewellery!
I'd met illustrator and comic artist Kristyna at last years ELCAF so it was so nice to have a chat again and see some of her latest work. She gave me some great advice, and it was encouraging to hear that she too had worked in the greetings card industry straight after graduating, before branching out on her own into freelance work.

Kristyna's stall

After spending a while trying to decide what to buy from Kristyna's stall (everything was so cool!) I chose her riso-printed zine 'Pages on a Theme', which she kindly doodled in and signed for me, yay!

Some of her cards and zines are now available in the Travelling Man (NC) shop, so knowing me I'll probably be expanding my collection next time I visit :)

I've been really inspired by yesterday's events and am currently scribbling away on my own comic ideas which I'll be posting sneak peeks of soon. 
My existing narrative work can now be found on a new page of my website here

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