Thursday, 8 May 2014

Felted Critters

I attempted my first 'feltie' a while ago with a beginners needle felting kit I bought, and have since made a few more little creations, which are getting progressively smaller*! 
*(This is mostly due to the fact that I only have a needle-holder that holds a single needle, so you can imagine how long even a tiny creature takes to create with a bazillion stabs needed- the smaller the easier!)
…Also, the size of them adds to the cuteness of course...

For my sisters Birthdays, I wanted to make them personalised gifts while I had some free time.
I made them each a mini feltie (one a stripy cat, the other a little Totoro) in hand-drawn paper maché boxes:

For Birthday cards, I photographed the felties in the garden so they appear to be in their own little habitat:  

I'd like to try creating felted jewellery next time, or at least felted pieces that have a bit more purpose than just to be a cute ornament…watch this space!

Tiny Totoro!
(My favourite so far)

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