Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Big Brown Eyes Collective

After several years touring the UK comic fest scene, my two sisters and I thought it was about time to finally take the plunge into the world of self publishing and be on the other side of the stall for a change.

We have a shared table at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair in October and have named ourselves the 'Big Brown Eyes Collective' (when you see us in a row together it will make sense!)

We've spent the past week or so working up ideas for our logo design using various eye motifs, but we always came back to a simple textured eye with hand written font inside. 
Karis used her awesome calligraphy skills for the text and we each made a texture to combine for the background, so despite being a really simple logo, it has a subtle contribution from each of us.

I'm ironically not keen on brown as a colour, but any other colour would have clashed with our collective name (darn!) so it's what we went with:

We have a newly made twitter and tumblr if you'd like to check out what we're up to in the coming weeks.

At the the fair we'll be selling individual work (and handmade products) as well as our first collective zine together, appropriately titled 'Beginnings'. This will be a full-colour mix of comics and illustrations all being well.

Here are a few sneak peeks at our work in progress:

Karis's contribution to our collective zine Beginnings in progress

Snippets of my 2-colour travel zine Four Days in Budapest...

...which will also include some short comics, as well as sketches and notes from our amazing holiday there 

Eek! There's so much to do!  
Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and our first comic fair is a success.

Keep an eye on our twitter (@BBEcollective) and tumblr blog for more updates and previews of what we're up to

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