Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kickstarter Campaign

My sisters and I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund the creation of our debut Big Brown Eyes Collective zine!

Beginnings will be a bit of an anthology of our illustrations and comics, themed on creation, development, cycles and all things 'beginning', and will hopefully be the first of many zines we make together.

Any donations to help us reach our £200 goal would be greatly appreciated! This would help fund the printing costs involved and the stall cost and travel expenses to Bristol where our zine (and individual comics) will be launched at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair, 3rd October.

£5 donations will receive some postcards and homemade badges and donations £10 and above are rewarded with copies of our zine, comics and other illustrated goodies!

Click the image above or HERE to donate and help us get our work out into the world.

Sneak peeks of our collective zine and individual comics in progress for the fair can be seen on our Tumblr and Twitter

Thank you  

UPDATE: We ended up doubling our initial goal and raising £400, woohoo!
So a massive thank you to everyone who donated, you've helped us cover the costs to produce our first collective book and helped to fund a future project too!
Comics and other goodies will be on their way to our lovely backers soon :)

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