Tuesday, 6 October 2015

BCZF and Shake

At the weekend we had a Big Brown Eyes Collective table at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair and the SHAKE zine fair! It was a great weekend, we met some lovely folk and some of our work is now out there in the world, including our debut collaborative anthology Beginnings.

BCZF was so busy! It was held at The Station like last year.
There were a few quieter moments but a constant stream of people throughout the day.

The SHAKE zine fair on Saturday was a in a much smaller venue at Start the Bus.
We were a bit squished together behind our table, but thankfully it was just Freya and I that day (we were 1 sister down!) so we weren't too over-cramped, and the smaller table actually made our stuff look a bit more enticing being packed closer together. My fave part of the day was finding a chocolate bar each on our table when we got there to set up, nice touch!

Freya setting up our table at SHAKE

We definitely learned a few things for future fairs, but I think we went well-prepared considering it was our first try at something like this (even if we did cart along too much stock!)
 I really wish I'd had more time to look round and chat to more stall-holders too, as I only managed a quick dash round and brief hello to a few people I recognized. If we do anything similar in the future, we'll try to alternate who watches the stall more efficiently so we can all have a turn to look round and be a bit more sociable!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to the organizers of both events who made them so awesome! A big thank you to our Kickstarter backers too, who helped get us to this stage and help get our collective book into production!

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