Wednesday, 23 September 2015


My Dreamscape comic has just come back from the printers!
This is an extended 12 page comic of my 2 page story, originally published in the Dirty Rotten Comics #4 anthology.

I kept to ink and graphite for the comic, but added some ink dry brushing to the cover to make it bolder and look a little different to the inside (but hopefully not too different to the comic's style to make opening it a disappointment!) 


Since appearing in DRC, my Dreamscape comic has had a few reviews/mentions online.
This is pretty exciting for me, as despite having some artist features in the past, these are the first reviews of an individual piece of my work. 

Originally my idea was to create a set of separate DS comics to follow on from my original, as more of a dream diary series. After the positive feedback it received, I decided to extend the story into a single comic instead. I may create future 'issues' of Dreamscape, but for now I like how it looks as an individual comic. 

Broken Frontier

A little mention of my comic (and a snippet of the artwork) was featured on Broken Frontier in a review of Dirty Rotten Comics #4

It has also had another mention this week on Broken Frontier, in our Big Brown Eyes Collective preview in the run up to BCZF. On this post you can see a reveal of the book covers and previews of the inner pages of our individual comics that will also be on sale.

All being well, there will hopefully be a review of our collective book Beginnings on the site soon too!


Marfed blog

Jason kindly asked if he could feature Dreamscape on his blog but I was unprepared as to how lovely and detailed the review of it would actually be!


Bleeding Cool:

By chance I spotted a re-tweet of this Bleeding Cool review of Dirty Rotten Comics #4 on Twitter and noticed a little condensed review Jason had written of my Dreamscape comic in there too.

Although only a 12 page book, DS was a long time in the making and is my first proper self published comic, alongside my Budapest zine. So it's kinda my baby :p 
Here's hoping it receives some positive feedback like it's mini predecessor!

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