Friday, 18 September 2015

Four Days in Budapest

I started this book way back in March/April during a holiday to Budapest with my sisters, and I'm pleased to say it's now complete, printed and ready to debut at BCZF!
 Hot off the press!

I compiled illustrations and sketchbook doodles from my trip into the book, along with some coloured re-workings of comics I roughed out in the many cafes we visited there.

I decided to limit myself to just 2 colours throughout which I haven't really tried before and was a bit wary of, but I think it makes everything tie in with each other nicely.

The comics hopefully break up the illustrations a bit. Although I've bought some travel zines in the past that are purely made up of single illustrations (and love them), I personally prefer a bit more to read and a bit more of a story to things, so I tried to incorporate this into my own book. I also wanted the book to be a record of my personal experience in Budapest, not just what we saw visually so tried to get the best of both in there!

 I love any sort of folk art and it was absolutely everywhere on pretty much everything in Budapest so I was in my element! Even cheap, touristy souvenirs were all hand decorated with beautiful designs, so obviously folk art patterns feature quite heavily in my book. The cover design was based on an embroidered doily I brought back.  

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